According to the World Bank, Kenya’s property industry is the third most developed in Sub-Saharan Africa, with assets equivalent to over 2.5 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). However, the demand for good homes has remained steadfastly on an upward trajectory, with the annual housing deficit continuing to balloon each year. In 2011 for instance, the annual deficit was estimated to be 150,000 units per year. In 2012, it increased to 200,000 units per year. In 2013, the deficit stood at between 210,000 and 350,000 units per year. Concurrently, Kenya is experiencing a rapidly growing middle income class whose spending power is on a steady rise at a time when quality, luxury homes have tended to come in handy. With such a huge demand, the market has been lacking in provision of high quality comfort homes. To meet this demand, King’s Developers Limited has presented incredible housing options with her provision of ultra-high homes for the vast upmarket category. Kenyan home buyers don’t want just any home. They want a home they can be proud to live in and call their own. An investment with King’s Developers Limited is set to deliver this and much more. Above all, King’s Developers Limited goes beyond tapping the local market with innovative and stylish designs that are geared towards providing our local and foreign investors ample returns and value for their investments. With us, you certainly won’t get it wrong.


King’s Developers Limited works hand in hand with qualified and established professionals in the Real Estate Development sector in East Africa to ensure that we deliver the finest and most innovative high-end luxury products in construction, engineering, design, and real estate management. Our partners include:

A+I Designs – an architectural and interior design company based in Mumbai, India. A+I Designs has an established architectural and design record in the property industry in Kenya and India.
Aesthetic Design – an architectural and interior design company based in Mumbai, India. The company holds a basket of experience in the property industry in India, with a building reputation that is globally acknowledged.
Brickface Design – a Nairobi-based design firm. The firm specializes in both office and residential architecture, and also offers consultancy services in the same fields.
Mruttu Salmann and Associates – a leading architectural and planning firm in Kenya, established in 1980. They have vast experience in all kinds of buildings including high rise office blocks, apartments, institutional and educational buildings, industrial complexes, hotels and residences.
Retrospace, Architect – Interior Architect – A leading architectural practice based out of Mumbai, India. The firm lead by its Design Director Ar. Taher S Habib is renowned for its “Out of Box” solutions to the built form whether it be architecture or Interior spaces. Our vast repertoire of designed projects include all sectors be it Residential, Hospitality, Community, Religious and Industrial architecture undertaken along various time zones across the globe.
Prof. Magutu

Ebatech Engineering Associates Limited – a Nairobi-based engineering firm. The firm specializes in civil and structural engineering, engineering consultancy, project management and engineering software development.
Metrix Integrated Consultants – a Nairobi-based firm with a two-decade experience in civil and structural engineering.
Robi & Partners – a Nairobi-based engineering firm. The company specializes in structural engineering and design consultancy.
EM Square Designz – A multi-disciplinary engineering company based in Mumbai,India with over 10 years of experience in the civil structural industry. They have the expertise to meet any client needs having major strengths in experience, knowledge, manpower & use of the latest engineering software applications. Be it a small dream house, a huge residential complex building, commercial building, township, mall or car park building, they are capable of doing it all.

Regional Electrical and Power Services Limited – a Nairobi-based electrical contracting company with a two-decade experience. The company specializes in installation of domestic and industrial power machinery and power solutions.
Kenal Plumbers and Builders Limited and Hydro Builders Limited – Nairobi-based plumbing companies with experience in plumbing, consultancy and contracting in plumbing and fire-fighting systems.
Kerma Engineering Ltd – The company provides domestic and Industrial Electrical installation System,Solar power solutions, power back up, Generators supply, installations & maintenance.
Galaxy Power & Installation
Alona Building & Electrical

Lloyd Masika Limited – the leading Registered Valuation firm in Kenya, with a combined experience spanning over 35 years. The firm specializes in valuation, feasibility studies, sales and letting, and real estate management.
SEB Estate Limited – a fully Kenyan-owned real estate organization registered in 2004. The firm specializes in property management, rent, sales and marketing, mortgage finance, development and consultancy.
Villa Care – a real estate services firm focused on delivering high quality and customized services to individuals, the private sector and government clients in Kenya. The firm offers a wide scope of real estate services, particularly specializing in rental, management and sale of up-market residential properties and a variety of commercial properties in Nairobi, Mombasa and East Africa as a whole.
Property Arena – a real estate management company.

Tariq Khan & Associates Advocates – a Nairobi-based legal firm that specializes in commercial dispute resolutions, insurance litigation, debt collection, and trust and intellectual property matters.
Nyachae & Ashitiva Advocates – a Kenya-based leading law firm in the East Africa region. The firm specializes in banking, investment, tax, corporate and commercial law and litigation.
Majanja Luseno & Company Advocates – a Nairobi-based law firm specializing in matters of litigation.

Burhani Security Solution – a Nairobi-based security consultancy firm. The firm specializes in industrial and domestic provision of automatic alarms, CCTV installations, fire and monitoring solutions.

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