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Boma Yangu Certificate

06-06-2020Boma Yangu Certificate

The real estate world can have a lot of uncertainties, when you are looking for a genuine developer, especially for first time home owners, one has a hard time questioning and figuring out who’s real and who’s fake. And because of that, the national government under the ministry of urban planning launched the Boma Yangu initiative, which lies in the Big4Agenda in the affordable housing agenda. This is where the government has partnered with developers to build quality affordable homes to Kenyans. In turn, the Kenyan registers to be a member of Boma Yangu, then once a member they can now be able to afford buying the house, which under normal circumstances they wouldn’t have been able to buy. So what happens is that, the government buys the house for you, then they will be deducting monthly payments, from your earnings/salary/pay-slip to recover the money used to purchase your homes. In turn, you are able to own a home much more earlier than expected.


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